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Door Calendar 2023 - Limited Edition

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Eine Tür träumt von der anderen Seite 

(A door dreams of the other side)

The protagonist of the 2023 limited edition calendar is a little door that dreams of the other side and of all the landscapes waiting beyond the threshold and further away.

Doors are symbols of change, movement and connection. Next to separating two places (the inside and the outside or the above and the below), they also separate different states of being: the before and after. Ambiguous by nature, doors are an opening to the world but also protect us from it. An adventurous door can call us into the unknown, into the mysterious and the wonderful. A benevolent door can invite us into a place of retreat and safety.

In true door tradition, the door in this calendar is a little bit of both. This is why I hope it will make a wonderful companion for navigating some of 2023's ins and outs. 

The original artwork was made with Tetrapak drypoint print and coloured paper. 

Please Note: The calendars will be shipped end of November 2023! 


  • A3+ format (32x47cm), vertical format 
  • Colour print on matt 240g/m2 paper. 
  • White ring binding & hook 
  • 14 pages (incl. cover and overview page)

Christina Rupp • • Impressum
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