Christina Rupp was born in Munich, Germany in 1989. Having grown up in Pretoria, South Africa, she moved to The Netherlands in 2010 to study International Media & Communication in Utrecht. In 2014, she graduated cum laude and has since worked in various fields of (visual) communication. Christina's illustrations are heavily influenced by nature, landscapes and elements of culture. She works in both analogue and digital media. Alongside pursuing her personal work, Christina is also available for collaborations and for commercial illustration. 

Christina also works as a freelance writer and poet. You can read some of her articles and poetry here


2015    Group exhibition at 48 Stunden Neukölln Art Festival (Germany)

2015   Stroke Ltd Art Fair (Germany)

2015   Solo exhibition "Forgotten Warriors" at Salon Irkutsk (Germany)

2016   Hamburg zeigt Kunst Festival (Germany)

2016  Leeuwarden Community Art Festival (The Netherlands)

2020  Group exhibition "Pausa y Refugio" at art residency ArteSumapaz (Colombia)

2020  Group exhibition "SEIS" at art residency ArteSumapaz (Colombia)

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