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Christina Rupp lives between Germany and Colombia and works as a visual artist, illustrator and poet. She is interested in the human and non-human inhabitants of the everyday, as well as the relationship between inner and outer landscapes. Christina's work focuses on personal encounters with the ordinary and explores its transitional nature with regards to place and change of place. 

Christina works with different forms of drawing, painting, scenographic collage and Intaglio printmaking. She has exhibited abroad and in Germany, including at the Stroke Art Fair in Munich and the 24 Stunden Neukölln Kunst Festival in Berlin. 

Past Exhibitions

2023 Open Studios at 12:00 Gallery in Bogotá · 2020 Group exhibition "SEIS" ,  ArteSumapaz (Colombia) · 2020  Group exhibition "Pausa y Refugio",  ArteSumapaz (Colombia) · 2016  Leeuwarden Community Art Festival (The Netherlands) · 2016   Hamburg zeigt Kunst Festival (Germany) · 2015   Stroke Ltd Art Fair (Germany) · 2015  Solo exhibition at Salon Irkutsk (Germany) · 2015   Group exhibition at 48 Stunden Neukölln Kunstfestival (Germany)

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