Hi, I'm Christina. I'm an illustrator, poet and occasional writer. 

I grew up in South Africa and now live between Germany and Colombia where I work on my first poetry collection. 

My poetry and illustrations are largely influenced by place and change of place. The locations I explore are physical, situated within or are metaphorical. I'm drawn to Sehnsucht inspiring landscapes and Seelenlandschaften (soul-landscapes) that themselves stand as synecdoches, as placeholders, for further discoveryI work with different forms of drawing, painting, scenographic collage and Intaglio printmaking. I'm interested in a narrative and poetic approach to visuals and the sequentiality with which poetry both reveals and builds itself.  

Driven by an innate curiosity and a love for adventure and travel, I've written and translated for a wide range of projects: from Tanzanian safaris and ethical European fashion to Frisian flat-bottom sailboats roaming the Wadden Sea and performance art in Colombia. 

I'm a part of Intú Collective  as an illustrator and writer. 

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